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Why Choose Us

1 We Create Alignment.
We are process certified to build top-down and vertical engagement and alignment in your organization
2 Our Processes are Effective.
We implement practical tools that drive real results.
3 Our Track Record is Proven.
Our result-driven processes are backed by more than 10,000 sessions days in 2,200 companies.

Who is ProfitWorks?

ProfitWorks is obsessed with helping you get what you want from your business. We help your leadership team and your entire workforce simplify, clarify and achieve your vision.

ProfitWorks team members are experienced entrepreneurial leaders in their own right who discovered the power of the EOS® system and high Employee Engagement; they have dedicated themselves to helping others find the results, peace and independence these tools bring.

Learning from an outside professional brings more objectivity and vast experience that can be valuable to your team; it helps you work on your business-running it so it is not running you. The first step is a free learning session with your team on how ProfitWorks has helped over 1,000 companies gain Traction®.

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Meet Our Work Team

  • Meet Alex Freytag

    Alex has holistic career-experience that guides his passion to help entrepreneurs…

  • Meet Tom Bouwer

    Tom leverages his international and diverse industry experience to help clients…