Business leaders like you are already successfully using our models to get more Traction® and engagement in their business. Read about their experiences.

Jim and Tim Zink, Zink Foodservice

Kristen Harris and Catherine Lang-Cline, Portfolio Creative

Bethany Andell, Savage Brands

Jeremy and Jonathon Goza and Nina Debelo, Proximity Systems

Tom is the real deal and the only person I know that I'd be comfortable turning over my integrator role to, knowing the business would be in good hands. He cuts through the noise and gets to the heart of the matter

Jason Ogden, Syrup Marketing

As our EOS facilitator, Alex brings a strong dynamic to our team by challenging us to think about ourselves and our organizations. He encourages us to get all of the issues out on the table and then to deal with them.

Randy Rollins, Hines Specialty Vehicle Group

Alex helps our leadership team stay focused and on task to ensure productive and meaningful strategic planning sessions.

Adam Heeter, Lightwell

Alex has been instrumental in our EOS implementation and has brought our exec group further than I could have ever imagined in a one-year span.

Tim Burnham, Varo Engineers

Tom brings a real world experience to companies that need assistance implementing the EOS model into the organization. Once we finally decided to engage an EOS implementer, we could not have picked a better candidate for the task.

Bill Patsiga, TelAid Industries

EOS has delivered on its promises by helping us zero in on our core values, mission, and vision and strategic plan. We have structure and accountability, and we look forward to coming to our weekly Level 10 meetings with our to do's DONE. Alex Freytag has been a great coach, who genuinely cares about our growth and success. He is always available as a sounding board that helps us stay on track. EOS and Alex have been a game changer!

Sandy Fekete, Marketing Works

Tom has been great to work with. He's helped our company and leadership in ways we couldn't do on our own. He asks a lot of our leadership group, but they're very simple shifts that make a huge impact. He's very much a part of our company, and I genuinely feel he's as invested in my company as if it was his company.

Danielle Hicks, Design at Work

Alex's influence made EOS come “alive” so it was easier to understand and grasp. With Alex, I felt like the group was able to achieve its potential within the short but valuable period of time together.

Shawn Lambacher, Varo Engineers

Our relationship with Tom and the EOS system has done wonders for our business. Our team is the strongest it has ever been and we are focused on working on the things that are critical to our ability to deliver on our core purpose. Without Tom's guidance and support, we would be nowhere close to where we are today.

Bethany Andell, Savage Brands

Implementing EOS with Alex has produced measurable results, namely improving our internal operations. With the improved efficiencies, we can devote more time to our clients. We look forward to our quarterly sessions with him and know that he is an excellent resource for us.

Donna Thrane, Wellspring Financial

Alex was very effective in getting us to talk more, trust more band work together as a team to grow our business. The result has been open communication and all of the "right people in the right seats." Investing in Alex is one of the best things we have done for our company.

Catherine Lang-Cline, Portfolio Creative

The best value that Tom has provided Staley is in his facilitation style. He allows us to get to the real issues and opportunities three times as fast, and we set goals and achievement dates twice as fast as we could ourselves. His facilitation has saved us countless leadership hours and he helps keep the emotional battles that occur in these meetings to a minimum.

Brent Staley, Staley

EOS was the catalyst for one of the most remarkable changes in my company. My Leadership Team has integrated the EOS tools into our everyday work habits. Our vision is clear; strategies are well-executed and communicated to all. EOS taught my Leadership Team how to plan, act and communicate in a system that is easy for all to adopt and follow. Within the first year of integrating EOS, my company was able to achieve a record revenue growth of 87% over the prior year.

Randy Pruitt, Randall Industries

Tom has been a welcomed addition to our executive leadership team. He provides valuable perspective and accountability that has allowed our organization to reach new heights! I would highly recommend his services if you are hoping to increase your company's performance!

Erin Cassidy, Nexus Health

Alex is professional and a great listener. He was able to take the complicated details of our company and apply his vision and tools to improve our company in the areas most needing improvement. I would highly recommend him or anyone from the ProfitWorks team to any company ready to go to the next level.

Sandy King, Symbiont Service Corp.

Tom is phenomenally organized and effective — time spent in quarterly meetings is always well worth it. Our team leaves the meeting clear and focused.

Ed Pryor, CMEEC

Alex was a joy to work with. He was always available (even on Sunday meetings) and very knowledgeable. I would suggest his service to anyone trying to ERADICATE ENTITLEMENT. That is his favorite term.

Aaron Bowman, Century Resources

Regarding results, through the cultural change and education provided to our employees on "how the house runs,” we achieved record accomplishments in 2010, and are continuing in a very dynamic environment in 2011. The catalyst to this excellent performance is the ability to tie actions to results, and prioritize our investments of time and energy in advancing our company. The map to accomplish this was provided by Alex's explanation regarding Employee Engagement. He yielded a great environment in which to learn, and fertile ground for cultural advancement though common sense introduction of strong financial principles.

Dan Yinger, Capital Resin Corporation