April 20-21, 2017

Atlanta Marriott Marquis

International Hall South

Atlanta, Georgia

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Wed. 4/19, 4:00-8:00pm


International Hall South

Thurs. 4/20, 6:15-7:50am



Skyline Level - 10th Floor

Breakout Title: EOS Worldwide Vision

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Mike Paton

EOS Worldwide Visionary, EOS Implementer

Day 1, 8:00-8:45am

Ten years ago, Mike Paton was running a $7M company, and he was frustrated. A friend introduced him to EOS®, and he was immediately hooked. He decided to devote himself to mastering EOS and leading a growing community of Implementers, clients, and fans. 

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SESSION 1 | Breakout Room 1

While achieving great professional success, including driving $27 million dollar growth in his family-owned business, Ben and his wife faced their toughest challenge, caring for their son as he battled a rare disease. Read More

Day 1, 9:00-10:15am

Speaker, Author, EOS Implementer

Day 1, 9:00-10:15am

SESSION 1 | Breakout Room 2

Breakout Title: Rocket Fuel: An Essential combination to get you more of what you want for your business

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Ben Goetz

Tim Keran

SEM Advisor, Entrepreneur

Tim has 25+ years of executive management experience and has been on his own personal continuous improvement journey since 1987.  Altus is a business improvement company.  Prior to Altus, Tim owned Western Graphics, a 50 employee, general commercial printing company. Read More

Breakout Title: Accountability as a Retention Tool

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Jill Young

Day 1, 9:00-10:15am

Growing up in an entrepreneurial family, Jill learned at an early age the advantages of having a clear vision, goals, and the importance of following through on one’s word. Her passion is helping business owners create Vision, experience Traction, and form Healthy teams.

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Speaker, Profit Catalyst, EOS Implementer

SESSION 1 | Breakout Room 3

Breakout Title: How the Best ROCK "ON"
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Lobby - International Level

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Author, Speaker, Certified Business Coach, EOS Implementer

President, Precision Pricing

Day 1, 10:45-12:00pm

Breakout Title: Becoming Unstoppable: Moving From a Leadership Team to a Team of Leaders

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SESSION 2 | Breakout Room 1

Breakout Title: How To Be A Great Boss: Helping Employees Bring Their A-Game

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Breakout Title: Show Me The Money: Higher Profits Through Better Pricing

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René Boer

Author, Entrepreneur, EOS Implementer

Sue Hawkes

René Boer began his business journey working his way through college as a full-time employee at Pizza Hut. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin, he helped grow a Minneapolis-based franchise into a company that had a successful IPO in the mid-1980s. Read More

Sue Hawkes is a bestselling author, Certified EOS® Implementer, Certified Business Coach, WPO Chapter Chair, internationally recognized seminar leader, speaker and entrepreneur.
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Day 1, 10:45-12:00pm

Day 1, 10:45-12:00pm

SESSION 2 | Breakout Room 3

Casey Brown

SESSION 2 | Breakout Room 2

Casey Brown is a pricing geek and professional speaker. Her passion is for people to be paid well for their excellence. She is the president of Precision Pricing, a firm that helps companies improve profits through better pricing. Read More



Skyline Level - 10th Floor

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Day 1, 1:00-1:50pm

How EOS Can Improve Your Company and Your Partner Relationships

Get Your Head Out of Your Bottom Line


The King of Pops Culture

Steven Carse

King of Pops

Robin Tooms

Vice President
Savage Brands

Jim Zink & Mike McGuire

Managing Partners
Zink Foodservice

Ken DeWitt

Strategic Business Coach, Visionary, Speaker, EOS Implementer

Day 1, 2:00-3:15pm

SESSION 3 | Breakout Room 2

SESSION 3 | Breakout Room 1

Ken has built the kind of business that allows him and his family to live in financial and emotional freedom, and he lives to help others achieve the same thing. He’s served as a trusted advisor to over two hundred entrepreneurs. Read More

Breakout Title: IDS Mastery

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Breakout Title: Kolbe In The World Of Assessments

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Duane Marshall

Entrepreneur, Speaker, EOS Implementer

Breakout Title: Move the Line: Strengthen your Profit and Cash Flow Drivers

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Duane Marshall has been a certified EOS® Implementer for over 8 years.  Duane doesn’t just talk and work with entrepreneurs – he is one. As an entrepreneur, he started and help run three different businesses, the largest being a $25 million organization. Read More

Business Leadership Team Coach, EOS Implementer

Day 1, 2:00-3:15pm

SESSION 3 | Breakout Room 3

Day 1, 2:00-3:15pm


As one of the top Implementers in the country CJ DuBé has helped over 100 companies clarify, simplify and achieve their vision with the Entrepreneurial Operating System®. An award-winning entrepreneur with a dynamic background, CJ is also a sought after speaker. Read More

Lobby - International Level

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Day 1, 3:45-5:15pm

Breakout Title: Living The EOS Life

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Gino Wickman

EOS Founder, Author, Speaker, EOS Implementer

An entrepreneur since the age of 21, Gino had an obsession for learning what makes businesses thrive. At 25 he took over the family business, which was deeply in debt and in need of help. After turning the company around and running it for seven years, he and his partners successfully sold the company. Read More



Skyline Level - 10th Floor
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Day 2


Facilitated Traxion Tables


With thought provoking topics run by EOS Implementers

Skyline Level - 10th Floor

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Greg Cleary

SESSION 4 | Breakout Room 1

The general characteristics of an Integrator are presented clearly in Rocket Fuel. However, based on company size, industry, growth plans, core values and other factors, the right Integrator for your EOS company likely looks very different from others. Read More

Breakout Title: Beyond EOS: Why EOS Works Today and Into Your Future

Breakout Description: Read Description

Gregory is committed to mastering his craft. He runs at full capacity and whenever he has an opening for a new client his current clients rush in and fill the spot with a peer from their Vistage group or an owner from their circle of friends.    Read More

Walt Brown

Day 2, 8:30-9:45am

Full Time EOS Implementer - Coach

Day 2, 8:30-9:45am

Walt Brown believes in Freedom. The kind of freedom that comes when owners and their leadership teams have the guts to help their organizations become champions. When they become champions, they create freedom not only for themselves but also for their teammates, employees, customers, vendor and the world at large. Read More

SESSION 4 | Breakout Room 2

Breakout Title: Turn your Marketing Strategy into Sales Execution

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Breakout Title: How to Identify the Right Integrator for your EOS® Company

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Head Sales Coach, Action Learning Corp., EOS Implementer

Mike Frommelt

Day 2, 8:30-9:45am

Principal/Co-Founder, KeyStone Search

SESSION 4 | Breakout Room 3

Lobby - International Level

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Day 2, 10:15-11:45am

Breakout Title: The Tiberias Success Formula
Breakout Description: Read Description

Boaz Rauchwerger

Author, Speaker, Founder & President, Boaz Power

Boaz has been a professional business speaker for major corporations and a personal coach to CEOs for more than 20 years. He is the author of The Tiberias Transformation – How to Change Your Life in Less Than 8 Minutes a Day. Read More

Listen to Boaz 30 Day Prosperity Plan

30 Day Prosperity Plan

30 Day Can Do For Kids

Rules for Powerful Meetings

Great Marketing Ideas


ProfitWorks LLC

Tom Bouwer

Day 2, 11:45-12:00pm


ProfitWorks LLC

Alex Freytag


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