ProfitWorks® helps companies realize untapped potential through incentive plan design and profit education training to help your employees think and act like owners.


Discover a simple solution to getting your company’s vision Shared By All.

The ProfitWorks Solution®

The ProfitWorks Solution is our proven model that connects your company’s operating system, your incentive plan design, and your on-going profit education, to help realize untapped potential.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to help hundreds of companies create cultures of employees who think and act like owners and drive incremental profit to the business.

Our Services

Has your incentive plan become an entitlement? Our services can help fix this and drive more value for both your company and your employees.

ProfitWorks designs incentive plans unique to your company and provides a template for future years adaptation.

Our online Masterclass video training portal, provides instruction and tools to help employees fill in The Missing Link™ of aligning their daily activities to the Company’s performance.

We provide quarterly coaching sessions with our experts to ensure your company is maximizing the potential of its new incentive plan and profit education programs.

Our Unique Approach

The following principles guide ProfitWorks’ operating approach:



Our incentive plans and training programs are designed to be simple to explain, understand, and administer.



Employees become active participants in finding incremental profit to fund their incentive plan.  With this, the payouts from the incentive plan are earned compensation and not an entitlement.



We actively coach Leadership Teams and Program Champions to ensure they are confident to execute the program effectively.

The ProfitLink Solution



  • Our incentive plans are designed to be simple to explain and administer
  • Our training programs are designed to be easily accessible and to simplify complex finance concepts


  • Employees become active participants in finding money to fund their incentive plan.
  • We guarantee our plan pays for itself. If not, your second year of coaching is on us.


  • We coach Leadership Teams and Program Champions as long as needed to ensure they are confident to the execute the program effectively

Meet Alex: Founder & CEO

Alex Freytag, Visionary and Expert EOS Implementer, is the Founder of ProfitWorks and co-author of the best-selling namesake book.

Alex Speaking with a Group
The product of an entrepreneurial household, Alex has spent much of his business experience focused on his passion for being a Hero to Entrepreneurs. Between selling handmade James Dean t-shirts out of his locker in high school, to becoming an Expert EOS Implementer, he ran or helped run four growing businesses before discovering the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS®). Drawn to its simplicity and effectiveness, Alex has since devoted himself to helping others master this complete “way of operating” an entrepreneurial organization to help them get what they want from their businesses and build cultures of employees who think and act like owners.

Through ProfitWorks, we help companies realize untapped potential via incentive plan design, business literacy training programs, and leadership team coaching via the ProfitLink Masterclass. 

Alex at the Whiteboard
Alex at ProfitWorks Workshop