Alex Freytag

Certified EOS Implementer®

The product of an entrepreneurial household, Alex has spent much of his business experience focused on his passion for being a Hero to entrepreneurs. Between selling handmade James Dean t-shirts out of his locker in high school, to becoming a Certified EOS Implementer, he ran or helped run four growing businesses before discovering the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS). Drawn to its simplicity and effectiveness, Alex has since devoted himself to helping others master this complete “way of operating” an entrepreneurial organization to help them get what they want from their businesses. An author and a sought-after speaker, Alex entertains and educates and has introduced EOS to thousands of business leaders worldwide.

Alex resides in Columbus, Ohio with his wife, Christine, and their 3 children. He enjoys travelling, golf, scuba diving and reading for pleasure.

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Alex Freytag helps entrepreneurial leadership teams simplify, clarify and achieve their vision. His background in sales, marketing, operations, finance, organizational development and IT have given him a holistic view of business and shaped his passion for helping businesses succeed. Today, with ProfitWorks, a company he co-founded in 1996, he implements the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS®) to help entrepreneurs get what they want from their businesses. He earned his B.A. in Psychology from Hamilton College and his MBA from The Max. M. Fisher College of Business at Ohio State.

Testimonials from Alex Freytag’s keynotes, workshops and clients:

"Alex has the natural ability to immerse himself into his clients’ companies. He has become a partner of our company and treats us as if we are the only company on his mind. He has integrity and promptly responds when needed."

"Alex brought immense value to our firm's operational efficiency and strategic planning...He is a superb facilitator and clear communicator of EOS and the value it brings to our company. It has immediately, positively impacted our business..."

"We are having a record year this year and I am so pleased with the results of our work with Alex. Our L10 meetings are very productive and we are all working together..."

"Best speaker we've had to date - young and fresh ideas that are in touch with business today."

"Very hands on and great information. Alex hit the mark! Awesome job! Thank you!"

"Organized and to the point. Very good content. True "blocking and tackling" of business management."

"I liked his exercises and his content was excellent. It is immediately applicable."

"Topic is fantastic and brings home the importance of using metrics to drive improvement through the organization.”

"Good focus on identifying key indicators that will improve business performance. Gets entire team engaged in the process."

"Interesting and informative content. Well-done and with good delivery. Great examples for business education."

"He was interactive without intimidation and opened us up to learn the content.”

"Very interactive. Very knowledgeable. Creative."

“I would really recommend this presentation."

“I appreciated the small discussion group work and analysis."

"Best session of the day for me. Bring Alex back every year!!"

Part of the PW family

Part of the PW Family