The ProfitLink Masterclass™ is designed to prepare you to teach your workforce how Profit really Works, providing training and context for your No-Entitlement Incentive Plan®.


Introduction to ProfitLink Masterclass Training

When you are running your business on an Operating System, have solidified your 1-Year Plan, and designed your No-Entitlement Incentive Plan™, you are ready for the ProfitLink Masterclass.

Sample of Courses

1. The Power of Positive Tension - Learn how to teach the Yerkes-Dodson law to your leaders and employees to emphasize the impact and value of creating positive tension at all levels of your organization.

2. The Blank Income Statement - Learn how to simply teach the Income Statement to your employees through a fun group activity. This interactive exercise illustrates the difference between sales, costs, and profit and will create context for your No-Entitlement Incentive Plan™.

3. The Dollar-Based Income Statement - Learn an alternative way to teach the income statement to your employees in a group activity focused on percentages rather than actual dollars.

Sample Course Material


Interested in Learning More?

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