Tom Bouwer

Tom Bouwer has a passion for helping people get what they want from their businesses.  To fulfill that passion, he helps entrepreneurs and their leadership teams simplify, clarify, and achieve their short-term and long-term goals.

In addition to starting and running three of his own companies in Turkey, Tom has worked with a diverse range of companies from start-ups to Fortune 50 companies.  His 30+ years of global management and coaching experience help him quickly identify and then assist leaders in solving issues that keep a company from achieving optimal success – with the entire organization advancing as a cohesive team. 

When not helping clients, presenting workshops or delivering keynote addresses, Tom is most likely hiking in the mountains, traveling the world, or chopping wood at the lake.

Let us know how Tom can help your organization or tailor a presentation to your audience.


Testimonials from Tom Bouwer’s keynotes, workshops and clients:

“Excellent presentation. Clear/concise information explained simply. Will implement many strategies.”

“Awesome! I took more notes for this guy than anyone else in 2+ years in Vistage. A++”

“Spectacular! Blew me and my team away… If I don’t retain his services, I lose!”

“Tom was a dynamic presenter who obviously knows business and how to create ‘ownership’ within a company. Tom provided multiple examples of practical applications that will make me better as an ‘owner’ at my responsibilities and tasks. Excellent presentation!”

“Tom was excellent. He delivered the material clearly and with good examples to help explain the concepts. I have read the book; however, Tom’s presentation covered many points that I missed when reading.”

“…engaging, with personal experience at business ownership and our efforts to drive productivity and performance. The information presented was tangible, practical and helpful to CEO’s like me. Great presentation at a helpful junction for everyone in our group.”

“This was one of the best Vistage meetings that I have attended, and judging by the comments from others in our group, they felt the same way. I’m excited to put his strategies into use.”

“Tom was wonderful. I really enjoyed his intuitive listening, and he is very good at the implementation of these concepts. Content was excellent.”

“Tom was not only a great speaker but the content was incredibly valuable. He was articulate and helpful. He even took a call from me a few days ago to answer some preliminary questions I had.”

“Tom’s presentation was excellent and his presentation style is very engaging.”

“He outlined the implementation process quite well and gave useful examples. Just great. One of the best sessions of the day.”

“One of the best presentations and topics I have heard in Vistage. Very well done.”