Meet Alex: ProfitWorks Founder and Expert EOS Implementer®

The product of an entrepreneurial household, Alex has spent much of his business experience focused on his passion for being a Hero to Entrepreneurs. Between selling handmade James Dean t-shirts out of his locker in high school, to becoming an Expert EOS Implementer, he ran or helped run four growing businesses before discovering the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS®).

In 2020 during the pandemic, he took time to co-author “Profit Works: Unravel the Complexity of Incentive Plans to Increase Employee Productivity, Cultivate an Engaged Workforce, and Maximize Your Company’s Potential” to help entrepreneurs simplify the topic of incentive plans.

Alex currently resides in Columbus, Ohio with his wife and three children. He enjoys traveling, hiking, golfing, scuba diving, and reading for pleasure.

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Meet Peter: ProfitWorks Integrator

Peter brings over 25 years of a unique blend of strategy consulting skills and in-the-trenches operating experience leading multi functional teams. Prior to joining ProfitWorks, Peter previously served as COO for a small beverage brand, and as General Manager for two large CPG companies. His passion is driving for clarity, aligning cross functional organizational priorities, and creating measurable goals to drive success. Outside of work Peter enjoys the outdoors around his home in the Bay Area and continues to hone his mad culinary skills.