Alex Freytag is the co-author of bestselling Profit Works and author of Vision Works and Stretch Not Snap – books designed to help entrepreneurs simplify how they can realize the untapped potential in their organizations.

Stretch Not Snap

Written as a sequel to the entrepreneurial fable Get A Grip by Gino Wickman and Mike Paton, Alex shares the story of how Swan Services implements the ProfitWorks Solution® as a tool to combat employee entitlement in an effort to maximize the Company’s potential. Stretch Not Snap provides a practical roadmap to help any organization create a culture of employees who think and act like owners.


Profit Works

Discover how to create simple and effective incentive plans that work. Filled with practical tools for your company, Profit Works is a “how to” guide helping you maximize your company’s potential.


Vision Works

You have a vision for a better business, greater profits, and stronger team, but how do you get your people on board? How do you move from dream to reality? 

Vision Works.

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